Paranormal Erotic Novellas

Welcome to a world where magic thrives and all the myths are real. Where goddesses, gods, and fantastical creatures walk side by side with humans. Some things will be very familiar. Some things might surprise you.

The CONSORTING WITH MONSTERS series is set in the same universe as the upcoming CAIRN RIDERS MC books, but where you can expect actual plot from those, these are short, steamy reads that might only end Happily For Now, but are guaranteed to leave you (and the characters) satisfied. There will be crossovers and cameos aplenty, but each novella is a standalone and the only plot they advance is bedroom related.

  • Katarina went looking for a good time. She found Sidone. Fenn found her. "More" might be just enough.

  • Tereza fled a life of obligation and found four fae determined to show her pleasure. But her past isn't that easy to escape.