Rowan Merrick

Monster Romance Author

Love comes in all shapes, sizes, and sentient species.

Warning: Here there be monsters. Very queer monsters. Pretty kinky, too. Sometimes aliens, as well.

The contents of this site are meant for consenting adults. So if you're under 18, shoo now. Come back when you're older.

The Bookshelf

  • Consorting with Monsters Series

    Erotic Romance Novellas set in a paranormal world were the Fae, Werewolves, and Gods live alongside humanity. (Spoiler: they bang.)

    Smut with a sprinkling of plot.

    The novellas 
  • Cairn Riders MC Series

    Fae. Bikers.

    Full length connected standalone books set in the same universe as Consorting with Monsters.

    Plot and smut.

  • Aliens of Doluna Series

    Six humans. Lots of aliens. Interspecies cooperation at its finest.

    Warning: May cause emotional damage.

    Plot and smut.

    The books 
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