THE ENFIELD WHORROR is a standalone erotic horror short story. It is NOT a romance. Sorry not sorry about the ending. Available in Kindle Unlimited!

Grab some cocoa, get comfy, and prepare to be scaroused.

It was just one week. One week in a sleepy little town to deal with the unwanted estate of evil Aunt Ethel. Viv would do a little cleaning, enjoy some roommate-free time with her new toy, and head home with some extra cash, happy in the knowledge that never again would she be tormented by that old bat. 

Her roommate's dramatics aside, there was nothing to worry about. Memories only hurt if you let them, and Viv wasn't about to let her aunt win even that much. Sure, people said there was a monster in the woods, but those were just...stories. The Horror wasn't real. Good for a bit of fantasy fodder, but not an actual danger. After all, scary is sexy, but we want to live. Right? 

Content Warnings


Abduction, Blood, Biting, Choking Death (threat of), Hoarding, Stalking, Tooth & claw (non-friendly use of), Violence


Death of a relative (discussed), Homophobia, Familial trauma


Dubcon, Exhibitionism, Fear-based arousal, Knotting, Masochism, Masturbation, Primal chase, Size/Stretching, Toys, Vore